Fleece and technical sweatshirts: how to choose the must-have garment to always have in the wardrobe

In the past, heavy sweaters and underwear in wool constituted the clothing of hikers and skiers, however presenting many disadvantages, in particular their weight, bulk and the inability to resist water.

The advent of fleece material (also called fleece or polartec) has made it possible to replace traditional wool sweaters and tank tops with lightweight but warm, comfortable sweatshirts that take up very little space in the backpack. These qualities have allowed this fiber to be increasingly used for the creation of technical clothing for the mountains, but also for the creation of leisure clothing.

In this article we introduce you to all the features and the best brands that deal with the best technical fleece and sweatshirts.

Technical trekking sweatshirts

Research in the field of fabric technology has made it possible to obtain materials that can withstand the most adverse weather conditions with a negligible weight, considerably lightening the weight of the backpack. Among the new materials used for the production of technical sweaters, the most used are:

  • Propylene: is a fabric capable of maintaining body temperature and dry skin. Its characteristics make it ideal for the first thermal layer.
  • Fleece, fleece and microfleece: it is one of the most used materials for sweaters due to its lightness and ability to retain body heat, even when wet.
  • Microfiber: its elastic fabric is ideal for garments that can withstand wind and humidity.
  • The softshell: is part of a new generation of breathable fabrics suitable for protection from wind and light rain and is mainly used as a material for outer shells and jackets. Among its qualities is the thermal insulation that is able to guarantee even the most intense aerobic activities.

In addition to increasingly performing materials, these products are characterized by great comfort, also determined by the presence of sweatshirts with or without zip. The zipper certainly has the advantage of having a more versatile garment available, which allows you to lower the zip during a hike and therefore bring some air and freshness without having to remove it entirely.

Next to the traditional garment with sleeves (better if equipped with a final glove, to put on or take off in case of cold), the market now also offers high-performance vests, which allow you to have a warm chest and at the same time guarantee freedom for arms.

The sleeveless fleece is useful for hiking when you are on the way back, when the weather is usually colder and you sweat less.

Teddy bear sweaters

The research undertaken over the years by high fashion designers in the field of mountain clothing has made it possible to obtain garments with a very high aesthetic level, obtaining sweaters and sweatshirts with multiple colors and patterns suitable for leisure time. In particular, one of the most loved products by adults, but also by children, are the furry sweaters, those normally called bear or teddy.

Over time, "furry" fleeces have become clothing items suitable for all types of character and winter looks. Their comfort and softness means that they are also widely used in spring and autumn as a last layer, an alternative to a jacket or a light down jacket. They are also clothes that can be washed in the washing machine, do not shrink, dry quickly and do not need to be ironed: a considerable saving of time and effort for those who take care of household chores!

With or without a hood?

"With hood or without hood, that's the problem!" This is a question that many ask themselves when buying a fleece or a technical sweatshirt. Alongside the aesthetic elements, there are other more technical ones, to be taken into consideration by those who want a sweatshirt suitable for the mountains.

The absence of a hood undoubtedly gives a more elegant look to the shirt, which can thus adapt to less sporty clothing.

However, the hood becomes an important factor of protection and shelter that can be used only in case of need. The best garments in technical fabric offer hoods with materials capable of resisting water and at the same time warming the head, to be used as an alternative or in combination with a headband or cap.

Sale of fleece online

The market offers a multitude of sites where you can buy fleece and technical sweatshirts online, however it is always better to rely on shops that guarantee proven experience, competence and quality.

For these reasons, the Vert Sport online shop is certainly the place that best meets these needs: this company was born and developed over the years in the Aosta Valley, a region where the mountains are king. Giorgio has been running a sportswear shop in St-Vincent for many years. With all his staff, he is in charge of selecting and proposing the best brands that meet high technical and aesthetic standards, with the aim of satisfying the customer and always offering something better and innovative, following market trends.

Vert Sport e-commerce was created to give continuity to the work started offline, always with the constant desire to keep up with the times and also allow those who cannot go to the store to buy valid and fashionable clothes. The brands present in the shop are many and of great quality: among the main ones we mention FerrinoCampLa SportivaFilaRock Experience and EA7

Lightweight, versatile and highly compressible, fleece and sweatshirts are the clothing items that can never be missing in the wardrobe in every season. High technical performance combined with a modern design make them suitable for more technical use, as well as for free time in the mountains and in the city!

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