The best comfortable shoes for walking

The summer is now upon us and we begin to feel the need to go outside for various reasons: to lose the extra pounds accumulated during the winter, to breathe deeply in the crisp air, or even just to enjoy the first mild rays. solar of the season.

It does not matter if you go for long hikes in nature or simple walks in the city park: shoes are a fundamental element that can make us walk better, but also put us in difficulty if you do not buy the model that best suits your needs. Whether you are a hiker who walks miles or you just want to do some physical activity; whether you spend hours standing at work or recovering from an injury, the choice of shoe is a fundamental element that should never be overlooked.

Today we will discover together the best shoes to wear for the new season: we will identify the best models that can guarantee the right comfort, but which at the same time are beautiful to look at and fashionable.

Among the numerous brands on the market, we want to tell you about Skechers shoes, a company that thanks to its new and innovative lines of footwear over the years has become one of the leaders in the sector.

What makes these shoes so special?

  • Without a doubt, the comfort that knows no equal
  • lightness
  • the exceptional quality - price ratio

Skechers offers a wide range of models according to your needs, you just have to find the one that suits you best!

Skechers shoes for walking

The Skechers in Memory Foam are the most suitable shoes for walking, but also running and performing various sports activities, since the lightness of the insoles allows you to model and memorize the shape of the foot every time a step is taken, respecting the anatomy and making the step very comfortable.

The shoe allows you not to feel muscle fatigue even after having traveled several kilometers on foot. Posture also benefits, as the shoe helps to strengthen and firm the back muscles.

The dual-density layers of the soles guarantee a shock-absorbing action, protecting the joints and limiting fatigue.

Not to be overlooked is also the refined design: every season new lines of different models and colors are proposed that follow the fashion of the moment, able to complete the outfits of those who love to follow the trends in vogue, in addition to the more classic lines, ideal for people who prefer a more traditional style.

The Skechers shoe is light, flexible and breathable, yet tough and resistant at the same time, making it a must-have for everyone: men, women and even children, who can feel free to play and run freely.

A wide range of shoes with numerous colors and shades with glitter and glitter are able to satisfy all the requests of the little ones.

Furthermore, it is a comfortable product for the elderly, who need a comfortable, safe shoe that allows them to adopt the best posture to avoid accidental falls.

The Skechers for those who work standing

Do you spend your working days on your feet? In this case, the shoe becomes the garment to which to devote the most attention, as if the wrong model is worn it can negatively affect different parts of the body, such as the spine, the cervical area, the lumbar area and the lower limbs.

The right shoe to wear must undoubtedly be comfortable, able to adapt to your foot and able to provide good support. In addition, when certain types of work are carried out, the safety equipment and, first of all, the shoes, deserve special attention.

The Skechers brand offers a wide variety of everyday shoes for men and women, which know how to meet the business needs of those who stand all day. The offer ranges from the most sporty shoes, to the most elegant footwear without laces, so that they can be worn by those who spend hours on their feet but cannot bring a sports sneakers.

Comfortable sandals for walking

We are all looking forward to summer: wearing light and fresh clothes to be exposed to sunlight combined with light shoes, preferably open sandals, is one of the aspects that we all love about the summer.

Even lovers of walking in the summer are looking for comfortable sandals to walk and the Skechers brand offers several lines to be able to expose parts of the foot in complete safety. The different models range from sandals suitable for hikers, to pass to sober models, up to more glamorous and trendy shoes to wear with a cool dress, even at the beach or in the city, all without ever having to give up comfort! In addition to sandals, the summer line offers colorful and fanciful slippers.

Fila shoes

Another very interesting brand is Fila, which boasts over a century of experience in the field of fashion, transforming the sporty look of many generations. The uniqueness of Fila lies in being able to combine new trends with products of the highest quality. The experience gained over the years allows us to offer high-performance products for leisure and sporting activities, becoming an irreplaceable ally for those who like to be fashionable at the same time, but also comfortable.

The arrival of the new season gives us a charge of new energy, we want to go out, we are more energized and we want to renew ourselves, starting right from the wardrobe. A new pair of shoes are just the product you don't want to give up: spring however requires a light, fashionable and above all comfortable shoe!

Skechers shoes are the product that best meets all these needs! Where to buy them? It's very simple: on the Vert Sport online shop! Inside you will find a wide selection of Skechers shoes, as well as footwear from the best brands, such as Fila, EA7, Lomer, La Sportiva and Frau, which you can buy with a few clicks and which you will receive directly at your home!

You can combine your favorite shoes with one of the many items of clothing available, from the most sporty to those for leisure.

Bring a breath of fresh air to your closet with VertSport!

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