The best outdoor clothing for summer trekking

The season of outdoor excursions is almost upon us: the time has come to open your closet to check your mountain clothing and equipment.

Good outdoor equipment is in fact essential not so much for an aesthetic question, but above all to guarantee the right safety during excursions. If common sense, physical preparation and the ability to recognize one's limits are the cornerstones of safety on the trails, it is equally essential to have adequate clothing and equipment that guarantee the highest level of protection in any type of environment. .

Facing the mountains, even along simple routes, without the correct hiking clothing and the right equipment, risks being the cause of accidents whose consequences may be unimaginable.

For these reasons, today we want to give you some tips so that you can choose everything you need to be able to carry out summer excursions in the mountains in peace.

Trekking shoes

Shoes are the essential equipment for hikers of any level: we must never forget that the greatest number of accidents in the mountains is caused by unsuitable footwear! The right shoe must meet these characteristics:

  • It must be snug and enveloping, in order to correctly lock the instep;
  • The sole must be non-slip;
  • The measurement must be correct: not too wide, as the heel must remain as firm as possible, but not too tight, in order to avoid the formation of blisters;
  • It must be comfortable.

Among the most performing, we mention the La Sportiva brand, which offers a great variety of solutions for trekking and outdoor footwear.

Finally, the footwear must be supported by breathable socks, which do not sweat and have an excellent fit.


It is advisable to walk in the mountains with long pants, even during the hottest days: the plants can in fact sting and scratch the calves. For this reason, this item of clothing must be breathable, tear-resistant, windproof and waterproof, so that it can respond adequately to any type of climate.

Useful and comfortable are the modular trousers, equipped with zippers at the knees that allow you to have at the same time a pair of long trousers and another of shorts. The market offers numerous mountain clothing brands that offer trousers with these characteristics, among the most performing are the Ferrino and Rock Experience.


The jacket should never be missing in your backpack, even during the most beautiful days, as in the mountains the weather can change quickly, in addition to the fact that at high altitude the temperatures are often rigid as a result of the intensification of the winds.

Finally, we must not forget that above 2500 meters it can snow all year round! The new materials offer light jackets that take up very little space in the backpack, which must be made of technical fabric such as Goretex, Polartec or Primaloft, as well as being waterproof, breathable, equipped with heat-sealed seams so that rainwater does not enter the body and possibly with hood.

In this context, softshell jackets are extremely useful: they generally meet all the features just highlighted and can be worn over the technical sweatshirt, fleece, or in more rigid conditions over a heavier jacket (normally called hardshell). La Sportiva and Rock Experience offer excellent solutions to meet all needs

Technical sweatshirt or fleece

The fleece or a technical sweatshirt must guarantee warmth during a hike, but also protection from the wind. These products allow excellent performance and the new lightweight materials allow you to put them in any backpack, even when it seems that there is nothing left inside!

The best are those in breathable technical material with the hood to be raised or lowered according to the level of heat, with pockets where you can store various objects, such as handkerchiefs and mobile phones and with the sleeve that ends with a small glove that protects the hands.

Below this layer, a comfortable and breathable thermal shirt should never be missing, as well as an additional shirt in the backpack to change when you are very sweaty, normally reached the goal.

Among the best mountain clothing brands, Ferrino and Rock Experience should be mentioned.


A good backpack should never be missing from the hiker, its quality greatly improves the content of any excursion. The size varies according to the duration: if it is a day excursion it may be smaller, while for a multi-day trek a larger capacity is required.

It is advisable at the time of purchase to check whether it is a men's or women's model, which allow you to adapt much better to your conformation. Another element to take into consideration is the presence of ventilation on the skin that rests on the back, the padded shoulder straps and the belts at the waist and chest, which must always be used as they give the right balance.

Another element to consider are the pockets: the more the better, they will never be enough. Finally, you must check that the backpack is equipped with a waterproof backpack cover to be used in case of rain or snow. Much loved, especially by athletes, is the camel bag, a backpack that has a bag with a tube that allows the hiker to drink without having to stop to drink from the bottle.

The backpack must be meticulously prepared before a hike and it is good to never forget the following items:

  • Spare t-shirt and socks
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle and food
  • Thermal blanket
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit
  • Route map with compass, or GPS
  • Pocket knife

Among the leading brands in the sector are Ferrino and Deuter, which offer high-performance backpacks equipped with specific backbones capable of responding to all needs. The Deuter rucksacks offer a range dedicated to women that is easily identifiable thanks to the presence of a small flower. 

Trekking poles

Trekking poles are very useful during an excursion: uphill they guarantee the right balance and downhill they allow you to release the pressure that otherwise would end up on your knees.

It must be remembered that when hiking you should never put straps on your wrists as this trivial practice can become dangerous: if, for example, you stumble along the path and risk falling, our instinct leads us to use our hands to protect ourselves from the fall, but having the hands bound by the sticks, the maneuver does not work and the risk is to get hurt. The poles produced by the Ferrino and La Sportiva brands are suitable for all types of excursions.

After taking an inventory of everything you need for summer outdoor excursions, you will surely miss something! On our shop you will find everything you need to meet your outdoor needs. Discover our online mountain clothing and technical equipment: a wide selection of the most prestigious brands such as La Sportiva, Ferrino, Deuter, Rock Experience, Camp and Lomer. await you.

We just have to wish you a good summer season with lots of excursions!

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